Night Vision Cameras


A lot of times people underestimate Electronic Security Camera Systems.

CCTV News below demonstrates how important a good quality Security System should be installed for strong evidence of break and enter.

Next time you are thinking about purchasing a CCTV package watch the video below and think twice if you want to purchase a cheap low resolution out dated security system.

Now a days using high resolution cameras gives you, higher quality camera images which is a must in order to identify suspicious activity out side your home or office. Providing better verification when it comes time to the crunch.


ANALOG (D1 Resolution) vs DIGITAL IP (Megapixel)

Just like television the transition from analogue to digital IPCCTV has been described to be “the most significant advancement of IPCCTV technology.

Now with more advanced functionality and power to conduct analytical artificial intelligence. Computer systems are now able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, Facial and Finger print recognition, decision-making and Object counting amongst many more.


This screenshot was taken with a new high definition VisionView Camera, definitely giving a better Digital picture quality compared to a analogue picture.


Below is an image of a residential house using an analogue camera.


Night vision is adamant in today’s day in age when it comes to security cameras and viewing them at night time.
Night vision provides users with some vision in total darkness and improved vision in low-light environments.

A lot of the times people are mistaken thinking that if they purchase any camera it will do the job, what a lot of people miss is that you need to take into consideration a lot of factors when purchasing a night vision camera and what its overall intentions are.

I want my home or office security camera to:

  • Monitor a particular area that has personal valuables or belongings

  • Identify intruders walking into a particular area that is restricted

  • Detect human body temperature

  • Detect an animal that intrudes

  • Clear Night time vision

  • Be able to recognize some ones face

These are just some of the important things that customers are demanding our re-sellers to provide them with.

But it’s not about spending lots of money on an expensive camera or purchasing the most expensive brand either.You can purchase a reasonable price camera that has the best of everything, Resolution, Day and Night time viewing and identifying and monitoring all assets, regardless for your home or business.

The image below demonstrates what a night vision camera would look like with no IR LED’s.
The image below demonstrates what a night vision camera would look like with IR LED’s.

The image below demonstrates a Megapixel IP camera that has been adjusted for premium quality to capture number plates coming in and out of a petrol station.

Some branded cameras also support smart IR functionality to reduce the intensity of the infrared illumination helping with ghosting effects in extremely dark scenarios and better imaging of objects that are located at different distances from the camera.

The Image below demonstrates what a night vision camera would look like without Smart IR LED’s

The Image below demonstrates what a night vision camera would look like with Smart IR LED’s


Keeping in mind that the weather also plays a large factor when cameras are involved in low light conditions.
If it is raining then it looks like small grains are passing through your field of view of what the camera is looking at making your picture quite hard to see in adverse weather conditions.