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What we really do?

Security Systems Online is an online retailer providing customers with wholesale prices, bringing to the CCTV industry a wealth of knowledge developed by technical engineers working in the industry for over 15 years.

Quickly realizing  that the industry was lacking a retailer that offered a full service package, a one stop shop offering good reliable security systems products at a reasonable price with best brands, and support that can manage any questions regarding any product we sell.

We make sure that we test and evaluate all the product offerings to give peace of mind to our customers, we make sure that we are able to assist our customers with all questions that they may have in regards to a particular product.

Security Systems Online Warehouse

Our Vision

Since Security Systems Online has worked with international and local suppliers our mission is to develop the best product offering in Australia from the World Wide Market.

Having some professionals working in the Security Industry for several years we know what with stands other novice brands, the good thing to know is that our Security Systems are so easy to use we have even taken on Plug N Play kits which are specifically designed for the residential market making it as simple as just Plug N Play.

CCTV Camera

History from the Beginning

It all started out when the owner was working in the IT (Computers) industry, having a love and passion for computers, he loved it that much he opened his own computer business, after very quickly realizing that computers was a dieing industry, he had to look into more intuitive and inovative methods of using IT, computers, and safety in one area and when we came across, Alarms, Access Control and CCTV IP Cameras, we got super excited to open a Security System Business. to help our clients understand the hard lingo and jargon that can easily confuse you.

If you looking for a CCTV system look no further we have all brands, all makes and all models.

After looking around and tring to find some sence to the technology boom, back in 2003 he descided to open an online store selling CCTV cameras and CCTV

What can we do for you ?

Even though our hours of operation are 8:30am to 10:30pm, the good thing is that we have 24/7 email support.

Which means we have you covered when it comes to pre-sales, post sales and technical questions, for your order.

At Security Systems Online we only provide the best brands in cctv.
Some of the brands that we carry are as follows:

VIP Vision

We have direct affiliations with all these brands so we help you save on all our bulk discounts that we get from our nominated manufactures, suppliers and re-sellers.

Most of the times we do our best to deliver all your products on the same day courier, as some unforeseen reasons pop up from time to time we can not guarantee all products will be delivered on the same day service.

How ever our items are delivered in the fastest way possible thorough our speedy courier service team.  Please read Terms and Conditions to better understand the delivery process.

Our customers have told us that we have one of the best in class customer care and service. Making sure all our customers are happy.

A live online tracking system has been developed for our customers to keep up to date with your online store purchases you can see how many items you purchased, quantities and all tracking consignment details of your purchase from our user account dashboard.